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-The desensitization of sin is the way people don’t put any caution into sinning. There are consequences if you do not break through the barriers of the naivety of sin, and consequences if you do. The consequences of both are displayed in the film.
-In the film, the two detectives talk about the sins that are done daily. How people are apathetic towards them and simply want to be alone and live their own lives.
-John Doe breaks through the barriers, and is chased by the cops.
-It is important to break through the barriers, but not as drastically and dramatically as John Doe did in the film. There is a point to which you can be aware to sin. The law is probably the biggest factor into breaking the barrier respectfully. One should definitely keep the boundaries of the law in mind when dealing with acting upon or not acting upon sin.
-The most extreme example, as shown in the film, is committing murders to show the seven deadly sins. As John Doe does, he sets out to show the world they live in the extreme obliviousness of sin. Each murder shows a different sin; each sin turned against the sinner. Near the end of the film, he explains how he was chosen by a higher power to show the world what happens if people do not break the naivety of sin. At the end, he completes his so-called “game”, and the result of that is left up to the viewer.
-If one does not break through respectfully, one could ultimately become oblivious to sin, and not know right from wrong. If so, people in your social circles may exclude you from things. Or, on the other hand, make you more involved; all depending on your social standing. But, in both circumstances, your personal salvation is at stake. The more you know about sin makes you more likely to be saved.


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